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A long road

From October to February I took the Animation Bootcamp Class with Ethan Becker, and I must say it was fantastic. What the class teaches you are the essentials to what you need to learn to make your own short.

This is what I really needed, as it gave me some deadlines in order to complete everything that I needed to complete. The short ended up being around 6-7 minutes, but it isn't ready to be presented. For now, I will put on finishing touches and making it pretty.

There are some other scenes and gags to be done. In the mean time I'll continue making the shirts. Last week was rough because I didn't expect all the crunch so... no shirt, so this week I made two!

If there are other things that you want or products and things I should put up let me know!



Hey all!

Welcome to the new!

It's been pretty busy around here. Currently working on another version of Rumsfeld3d that I am actually proud of as it is my own story. But I can't share any of that and I want to be able to get some content out to you.

So here I will be selling clothing as well as some prints.

My social media accounts will be used for sketches and unfinished work, and all new work will be here.

Sign up below to get updates on new products. I promise not to spam you with emails, as I hate them myself.

Sometimes it's just a week

Sometimes a week is just a week, you continue that grind, been streaming a lot more on Twitch and on YouTube. Learning a bit more about myself when I stream, and how focused I get. You zone out to that chat and just vibe. It has been a bit therapeutic, worked on some characters and realized how off some of the characters are, and I want to get them all on model. It's funny though that you only draw a character from one side all of the time, that you have no idea what the other side of their face looks like.

Next week, I'll be getting back to cleaning up some more boards, I do want to get them pretty tight, and there is one scene that I just don't know about, especially how to make it look right. So I'll be working on that as well.

Enjoy have a good weekend! You can check out the new shirt up in the shop!

Still working

It's been a long hard road. Still working on R3D! It's so close right now! I can't wait to show everyone!

On another note, there will be a new t-shirt every week and it will be available for 4 weeks, after that it will go away. The other shirts that are there will be still be up but will be phased out eventually.

Cheers and enjoy!

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